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Range Hood Filters Delivered To Your Door!

Range hoods usually outlast other kitchen appliances. Rangaire, Kitchenaire, Thermador and Miami Carey are just a few of the brands of high quality range hoods that do age very nicely. Motors, switches, and filters are easy parts to replace. We have model and part number data on the old range hoods.

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The costs of the parts we sell continue to rise. We have not increased the prices that you pay. In fact we have lowered prices on numerous items. This gives us record sales and gives you, our faithful customers, great prices and the same fast delivery. We truly enjoy the relationships that have developed over the years. Kindest regards Erving Anderson



Only 1/8 inch thick so it will lay on top of the existing filter. Any size up to 13 inches x 20 inches or 260 square inches.

Great filter, Low price.
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Input filter size:(Example: 12" x 12")

There is only one $6.95 shipping charge for any package that
we ship to you in the 50 United States.
Canadians, not so lucky but we do the best we can.
Call us toll free at 866-399-1200.

- Erving Anderson

There is only one $6.95 shipping charge for any package that we ship to you in the 50 United States. Canadians, not so lucky but we do the best we can. Call us toll free at 866-399-1200. - Erving Anderson

If your filter is 12" x 12" x 1/2" or smaller just fill out the friendly form and your filters are on the way to your door. If not, just give us a call or email and we'll personally handle your order. Any size filter that is 144 square inches or less can be purchased at the prices shown. For example, a filter that is 7 inches by 20 inches is 140 square inches."

1 Aluminum Mesh - $16.50 each
No larger than 12" x 12" x 1/2".
If your filter is larger please call or email.

Call 866-399-1200 for large, bulk discounts.

Input filter size:(Example: 12" x 12" x 1/2")

Select quantity:

1 Carbon Filter - $18.50
No larger than 12" x 12" x 1/2".
If your filter is larger please call or email.

Call 866-399-1200 for large, bulk discounts.

Input filter size:(Example: 12" x 12" x 1/2")

Select quantity:

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"We will continue to thrive in the range hood filter business by maintaining traditions built over the years. Simply put, these traditions are old fashioned courtesy, doing business in an ethical style, putting our customers first and an absolute dedication to quality."
- Erving Anderson, President

Not sure of the size? Click Here and check out our U-Trim Filter.

Some of the old filters have bends and clips and holes and who knows what. No big deal. All you have to do is:

Call us TOLL FREE at 866-399-1200
OR email us at ervbva@aol.com

We do this everyday and either stock them because we thought you would call or can manufacture yours in a big hurry. After we agree on the detail of a filter order, I can email you a paypal invoice. We can do the entire transaction online or on the toll free phone line-your choice.

Big quantity users- Call or email for discounts for quanitities of 12, 25, 50, and 100 filters.

Our filters are of the highest quality. Our factory has shipped unusual (for us) repeat orders to an Air Force base in California and a cement truck factory in Ohio and other interesting places. We are very grateful for such customer loyalty.

Our shipping boxes are designed to withstand the Shippers Stamp of Approval (a footprint). We ship from our factory within one to two days after we receive the order.

We do not use Phone Menus. We actually enjoy dealing with you. The person who answers the phone knows the subject and will guide you through this boring stuff (to you maybe) and have you doing more exciting stuff in a hurry. We believe it is important to treat each person we encounter everywhere with kindness and respect.

Call us Toll Free at 866-399-1200. You will know in very short order if you made a wise choice in calling us. All of us at Range Hood Filters, Inc will do our best to make your shopping experience a happy one.

-Erving Anderson, President and General Manager.
Range Hood Filters, Inc.
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Kind Words

Erving, this is Debbie in Little Rock, Arkansas. We received the rotating fan this afternoon, attached it, and it rotates so smooth and evenly! As you said, the blades are a bit shorter but this did not adversely affect the rotation. I still can't believe that the place it was purchased 16 years ago tried to persuade me that it was irreparable.

Thank you so much for the professional, friendly, helpful attitude that was shown to me. I want to see more Americans repairing what we have, buying from other Americans, recycling... Repairing instead of replacing... Growing industry inside of America instead of shipping our people out...

I am starting to look at where things are grown, manufactured, produced... And I hope that all Americans are starting to think about what we have here and how to keep it.

- Sincerely, Debbie - Little Rock, Arkansas

I received the filter that I ordered yesterday. I believe the filter that was in the unit was the original and I had tried various ways of cleaning it. It was just on a whim that I decided to go on line and see if replacements were available. I found your site right away. I am thrilled with the replacement. I had no problem installing it and it looks so much better! I was also thrilled with the reasonable cost! Thank you so much.
- Maureen - Omaha, NE

I am really pleased, Erving. They fit perfectly. My goodness, we are so happy to have found your web site. The postman who delivered them said he was going to keep the address because he too as filters he cannot find replacements for. There you go!
Thanks again. Do have a wonderful day.
- M.L. Toronto, Canada

No problem, and thank you for being so pleasant and helpful! You are different from the other businesses, in that you treat the customer with respect; and these days, the customer truely appreciates that, and will refer others as well as use your services again. That will make you more successful! Wishing you all the best in business.
- P.K.

Hi Erving, and thank you for taking my phone order. I can tell that you love what you do! I'm so grateful to find my Thermador filter! As I told you, mine is so gnarly it won't stay in place and despite my trying everything to soak it in degreaser, scrub it with suds and use a pressure washer; nothing can de-gunk over 20 years of bacon grease and other lovely deposits! I looked all over the Theramdor site to no avail--nobody seemed to have anything longer than 18". As they say in Cally "You The Man!" And how great to know that someone out there is living the dream~! I look forward to receiving the new filter--ah the little things in life! :) Have a lovely weekend, and thanks again for the personal service.
- Virginia

Dear Mr. Anderson,
Thank you for such speedy shipment of my range filter. It is exactly what I needed, and I am grateful that I could find this product on your sight for such a reasonable cost.
- Nancy

Hi Erving,
Thank you very much for your great customer service! I wasn't sure how satisfied we'd be dealing with an "unknown" found on the internet, but my experience with you was top notch! Thank you so much for making our shopping with you so... easy.
- Dar

Dear Mr. Anderson, Thanks for sending along the cc receipt on my order.
The filters actually arrived last Thursday or Friday and, as you predicted, I am very pleasantly surprised at the quality of construction. It helps that they are also a perfect fit. Thanks again. It was a pleasure doing business with you.
- Bill E

I meant to email you as soon as my filters arrived, but alas... That was Thursday. Good job digging up a street address for UPS, that was a surprise! All my local stores thought I had two heads when I told them I was looking for 10x18 filters. I was very pleased to be able to quickly resolve, what I thought would take endless searching. Thank you for offering a prompt and affordable product.
- Robert

Thank you thank you thank you! It fits beautifully and works like a charm. Thank you so much and I will tell my friends.
- Jocelyn

Dear Mr. Anderson
Thank you for your service and I am well pleased with your product. I like the way you run your business. I took your card down to our local appliance dealer and told him of the outstanding service from your company. He was very happy to receive the contact.
Have a good year.
- Dale

Dear Irving,
the range hood filters just arrived and I immediately took them out of the box and checked the fit. Not only did they arrive on time, but the are PERFECT!!! Thank you so much for your prompt turn-around on these and the fact that they fit! It's taken years of disappointment because we couldn't find a replacement. We've been limping along, patching the old one. I will certainly let others know about you. Thanks again.
- Sheila

We answer the phones and email from 6 A. M to 7 P.M.
Mountain Time Monday through Saturday.

Call us Toll Free at 866-399-1200
Email us at ervbva@aol.com

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